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Want your footprints all over your Private Blog Network hosting? Sign up with one of our competitors. But if you want footprint-free PBN hosting, make tracks to HostGin!
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PBNs do bring you rankings, but a wrong hosting company of your PBNs can also bring google to your networks without batting an eyelid.

Have you ever wondered why your great expired/auction domain is not blinking anything for rankings, well, it’s not you or your domain to be blamed for, mostly it would be your hosting footprints.

So, What Ya Hosting Footprints

Most common footprints from hosting companies:

Different IPs served from the same server

Different physical locations with the same IP ownership

Similar structuring of name servers

Similar SOA records

Sequential IPs

Fooling around with CDNs, which can be revealed with a simple IP reverse check

IP Cloaking, another footprint by those who think Google is only about as smart as a ten year old

This is just a sampling of all the dumb mistakes a hosting company can make that will get you de-indexed. There are lots more!

So, what can you do?

For website hosting that’s footprint-free, you have few options:

1. Buy hosting package from a lot of cheap hosts

2. Use one of those Cloud PBN hosting providers, pray that their CLOUD is not discovered by Google

3. Sign up with premium web hosts, which will cost you between $5 to $20 per month per hosting package

4. Let an SEOer with 16 years experience do the hosting part.

What’s the best solution? If you guessed Number 4, you can go to the front of the class.

Here is what we can give you:

PBN Hosting

Hosting packages with major premium web hosts

SEO Hosting

Different IPs with different ownerships guaranteed

private blog network hosting

Your site is hosted at different physical servers in data centers all over the globe

web hosting

Every hosting package has its own unique SOA record


All cPanel enabled hosting instead of a self-made panel, so you don’t have a big footprint


Installation of the CMS of your choice, with automated functionalities.

web host

NO Plugins from HostGin installed with CMS to connect all your sites together which is the next big footprint

We buy our server space from popular & premium web hosts, due to which the sites that share an IP address with you are more likely to be genuine websites and blogs.

We don’t host on any dedicated IPs or dynamic IPs. We only host on IPs of reputable premium web hosts.

We do not buy dedicated hosting or cloud hosting and then provide individual IPs to your PBNs, effectively rendering all your PBNs from few physical servers or from IPs serving only PBNs including yours and others, NO REAL SITES OR BLOGS

What are you waiting for?

If you want to have a PBN that doesn’t leave footprints scattered all over the web, sign up with HostGin today!
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We have listed all our service providers below.  Join our service and do a reverse check of the IP allotted to you and see for yourself with whom we are hosting. Find all big names here:

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