How Many Domains Can I Host in One Hosting Package ?

You can only host 1 domain in one hosting package, that is if you have purchased the PBN 5 package then you can host 5 domains at the rate of 1 domain each at one hosting location / IP

Do You Permit "anything" to be hosted ?

No, we only permit those which are legal to be hosted on our servers / upstream providers.  For more information, you can read this

Do you only allow Wordpress sites ?

You can host any CMS on our servers as long as the server supports it, as a matter of fact almost all servers do support any CMS.

Are there any restrictions on the plugins or themes that i can install ?

No, we do not apply any restrictions on the themes or plugins that you install as long as they are kept updated to the latest version and at any point is not degrading the performance of our servers.  Watch out for those cache plugins, they sometimes do more harm than good for your sites as they degrade the servers with vast number of unregulated calls to database.

Do you offer any trials or discounts ?

Check the sign up page for the running trials or discount offers

Do you offer Refunds ?

Since we do offer an extended trial period before getting you subscribed to our services, we do not offer a refund for subscribed services.

Do you offer custom panel or cPanel to manage websites ?

All our hosting plans comes standard with cPanel as we are aware that you are comfortable managing your websites through the industry standard panel.

Do you permit creation of ftp and email accounts ?

Yes, each of your domain comes with one ftp account and one email id which you are permitted to configure through the cpanel interface.



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